Terms of Use

Terms of use

This policy specifically outlines various terms and conditions (T&C) and is binding on the user ; including for products, certificates or services we resell for various brands we are associated with as a ‘resellers’ and the brand’s terms as mentioned on their product notes, website, product details supersedes in addition to IT Engineer’s specified terms herein.

The users are advised to read through the product specification, functionality, specifications, operating environment, licensing terms before making any decision to buy the product through the website.

Kindly read through the user terms of license, prevailing conditions, privacy policy carefully before making any purchase through www.itengineers.co.in (herein referred as “platform” or “website” or “we” or “our or “www.itengineers.co.in”) and can be modified or amended from time to time without any prior notification to the website user.

If you visit our website or make a purchase at www.itengineers.co.in or domain linked with this site, you by default agree to the terms & condition by virtue of using the site. (herein referred as “you”, “buyer”, “Customer”, “user”). By using the service or transacting on the website www.itengineers.co.in the user, by default agrees to abide by the terms and conditions, privacy policy, shipping, refund, and payment terms, services of respective merchant.

License owners are the ones who owns the product/service, issues the certificate, key or a physical product; has their terms, specifications listed on the respective brand sites and user agree to go through the specification before buying any license or product. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions specified on the website, licensing terms, usage, please abort the website or do not transact on www.itengineers.co.in

General Conditions


A user is someone who is buying any certificate or product through www.itengineers.co.in

  • For every purchase user details are mandatory on the respective issuing authority.
  • User information may contain name, email address, organization, mobile number, billing address, city, country, pin code , payment method etc.
  • The user can login on the respective sites to activate once issued the product or license on brand owner’ or license issuer site with the login name and password set during registration process.
  • Users will keep a safe custody of their key, certificate, account, password and in no instance we would take the responsibility of loss whatsoever.
  • If you age is below 18 years you are prohibited to register as a user.
  • Users are requested to not share their account details with any one and keep their data safe
  • www.itengineers.co.in does not undertake any service obligation or a guarantee or remedial action if your account is being used by someone else other than you.
  • If a user comes to know about the account is misused, please notify us on support@itengineers.co.in immediately to take further account de-activation steps to prevent the misuse of your account.
  • www.itengineers.co.in reserves the right to remove or suspend any account or modify details in the user account if the details provided are inaccurate, misleading or conflicting to any of the user or misuse of credentials of other user including for mobile, email, name, bank detail without giving any reason.
  • We don’t undertake any responsibility in account of situations arising out of above.


www.itengineers.co.in would label these actions as misuse of the site and any misuse would lead to prohibition to use the site and undertakes no responsibility out of these user related activities which may cause loss to anyone transacting on the website

Distributing or transmitting technologically harmful files, data through virus, malicious software, junk emails, spamming, distributing copyright or proprietary or patented information or product related information under copyright law etc

  • Content that promotes racism, discrimination, hate or physical harm
  • Promoting illegal or prohibited items or unsolicited promotion or advertising content promoting any business
  • Selling or promoting prohibited items on the platform by any customer or merchant who is promoting

Products & Purchases

  • All products, specifications, details including images are specified on the respective brand owner website and information on our website may be indicative or brief in nature and may not match full product description.
  • Respective brand or services are trademarks & copyright material of the organization the product belong to. Their terms of uses will be the final and abiding to the user.
  • Product specifications are consumed by the user which may be provided to www.itengineers.co.in by third party vendors, principal or partners. The users are requested to verify the product specification before placing the order.
  • We take utmost care in updating the product specification/ information
  • We take care of verifying the information on www.itengineers.co.in platform and may not guarantee to verify full specification beyond our preview and hence the users are requested to verify the details before making any purchase and abort the buying process in case if they observe any discrepancy or anomaly in the information available on the platform.
  • www.itengineers.co.in reserves the right to cancel the confirmed orders and refund the same because of technical issues including delivery location, product unavailability, rejections etc made by the respective issuer etc.
  • The purchase and placing the order will take us to the stage of requesting the brand owner to issue the product, certificate or license and delay in this would be a process driven by the respective product owner. We do not undertake any loss arising out of such delays from the issuer.
  • We reserve the right to cancel the order and refund the amount in case if the product ordered is not available with the merchant or partner.
  • The links provided outside our website may be verified while placing on the site and can be programmed to modify at the later stage. The users are cautioned to take their own precautions while transacting or buying any product. We undertake no responsibility when you chose to consume the same or transact through them.
  • All product related guarantees and warranties are provided by the brand owners, certificate owner or suppliers. Users are requested to check the applicable product specifications and warranties before placing the order. We undertake no direct responsibility of the same against the purchases made on the website.


All shipping is electronically sent to the specified emails of the users. Users are requested to check respective details on the product/service brand owner link or website.


All payments are accepted for confirmed orders and the buyer receives a confirmation message for all confirmed transaction.

Online payments are facilitated through third party payment gateway service providers, who are in turn authorized by respective banks and other regulatory bodies. Please take care to protect your banking information.

  • For all successful transactions www.itengineers.co.in sends an automated notification and alert to update the transaction status
  • For failed transactions because of any reason including internet connectivity, failure at the payment gateway or the issuing or processing bank, the reconciliation process reverses the amount to respective user bank accounts in the event of payments processed but are pending to be confirmed by the issuing or processing bank.
  • In case, if you have a failed transaction but your account is debited, please send an email with the screen shot of the payment debit in your account by sending at email to us at support@itengineers.co.in immediately.
  • The payment reversal process may take between 3-5 days depending upon bank to bank and gets posted back to account through which the order transaction was made.
  • The payment gateway has necessary encryptions and other security features to protect your banking information and account details.
  • All payments made on www.itengineers.co.in go to a payment gateway page which is controlled by the payment collection bank or gateway service provider.
  • Users are advised to take proper care while making any transaction outside our website.
  • Please do not trust any link or message which comes through a non-trusted source and may be a phishing attempt to steal your banking information.
  • All communication and links coming through us needs a verification of the URL and the link its being redirected to before entering any banking detail


www.itengineers.co.in aims to offer our customers with the certificates, signatures and other set of security products as a convenience.

The cancellation policy outlines the process how cancellations are handled

  • The respective issuer/ brand owner’s cancellation policy applies on all cancellations.
  • Order that has been confirmed for shipment, will be emailed/dispatched to the customer can not be cancelled
  • www.itengineers.co.in reserves the right to cancel the confirmed orders and refund the same because of any technical issues including with delivery location, product type, specification mismatch or unavailability.
  • We reserve the right to cancel the order and refund the amount in case if the product ordered is not available with the respective issuer of the product.

Please refer to return and refund policies of respective brand to understand the process outlined for each separately on their website.

All policies pertaining to user terms & conditions, privacy, return, cancellation, refund, billing are subject to be modified from time to time as appropriate. Please read through respective sections on www.itengineers.co.in and the respective brand owners sites. The users are advised to check the policies by themselves while using the site. In no situation, we shall notify the users individually on the site usage and governing policies.


In no occasion, the refund shall be initiated once the certificate, key or product has been dispatched. The respective brand owners terms on refund to be referred as the final and binding on the use

Jurisdiction & applicable laws

This agreement is governed and construed in accordance with the laws in India. The jurisdiction shall be New Delhi.

The website is for users residing in India. Orders made from outside India, or meant to be delivered outside India www.itengineers.co.in takes no responsibility to deliver or honour the order and will subsequently cancel the same.


www.itengineers.co.in liability is limited with the purchase value and order placed for successful orders placed on the website and payment has been received by us.

We don’t not undertake any liability in account of any mis-use of payment instrument, fraud, misuse, licensing term default, incidentals including direct or indirect or consequential damages of any type caused in connection to this agreement.

Queries & complaints

All queries should be directed to us through email at support@itengineers.co.in

Users are advised to go through detailed product information, specifications, use, technology etc for product/ brand they are making a decision to buy.

Please read through terms at www.itengineers.co.in including order details, coupon /promo, discount applicability if any, shipping options, payment options, delivery timelines, license activation, issuance policies of the product selected, refund related policies for failed or incomplete transactions.

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