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IT Engineers is a trusted name when it comes to providing security solutions. As a security consultant we provide SSL certificates, email and authentication services, code signing certificates to help you protect your ecommerce, online websites, codes and enterprise applications that runs in the public or intranet infrastructure to ensure the access is authenticated to users who access.

SSL Certificate

IT Engineers is a trusted name in providing you SSL or security socket layers and helps you secure your domains and builds the trust factor. We have a range of solutions offering up to 264 bit encryption from Sectigo (formerly known as Comodo), Global Sign, Trustify.

Consult us today by dropping your requirements at support@itengineers.co.in to enable us advise the best solution that meets your security requirements and get protected from all possible hacking attempts, data thefts, un-authorized access from outsiders.

Types of SSL you can choose from

  • Standard SSL /Single domain
  • EV SSL
  • Multi- domain SSL
  • EV multi-domain SSL
  • Wildcard SSL

Why SSL Is Must?

Why is SSL a must tool for organizations accessing customers, partners or transacting online through websites

  • SSL offers a trust factor for the users and buyers, thus helps in higher sales conversion.
  • SSL brings in encryption ranging from 32 bit to 256 bit, basis the kind of encryption a business may require depending on the vulnerability in their businesses.
  • Protects your online assets from the hackers, malware, phishing on the site or users in any process starting app link download to registration, financial transaction. Users gain confidence only when you have security products and standards like SSL in place.

Different types of SSL

Certificate authorities or CA’s have different types of SSL they offer

  1. DV or Domain verification SSL: Ideal for securing the only the domains for small and medium sized business websites, blogs, employee communications etc which are not leading beyond the website visit for getting information from a website or domain link. These sites just shows a key-locked icon before your domain name when website is opened.
  2. OV or organization validated certificates: These are mainly used by e-commerce or sites that wishes to protect the website by bringing in more security standards to their domain. The domain owner's name appears on website once opened.
  3. EV or Extended validation certificates These are the superior version of the certificates that appear in green with name of the domain registrant. EV’s are used by Banks, financial institutions and indicates that they are safe to transact and share sensitive data with.
  4. Wildcard SSL: Wildcard SSL is the best way to protect your domains and subdomains. Unlikely with DV or OV, you can buy a wildcard SSL and use it for all your assets under the domain.
  5. Multi-domain (SAN) SSL Certificates Multi-domain SSL enables multiple domains available on a server. You may have 100 of websites covered with a multi-domain SSL

Benefits of SSL

Certificate authorities or CA’s have different types of SSL they offer

  • Security & safety in the minds of the users and organizations that operate the website or applications
  • Better ranking and business
  • Encryption of the data
  • Alerts on possible hacking attempts and thefts besides other vulnerabilities
  • Malware alert
  • Warranty that covers the loss in business if any from vulnerabilities
  • Secure online payments

Write to us at support@itengineers.co.in to know more

S/MIME Authentication Certificate (Comodo, Trustify)

S/MIME or secure multi-purpose internet mail extension allows encryption of emails and helps in restricting un-wanted access to recipients not intended and allows you to sign as an authenticated sender.

Secure your mailing system with the help of S/MIME and help your users only access emails that are authenticated.

Email authentication

Email authentication is solution that helps in segregating the genuine and forgets email through authentication of real source it is transmitted through. Email authentication helps you in blocking harmful, phishing and fraudulent emails; which at times a general user may not identify.

Email authentication certificate allows the system to identify and warn the user or report them in the first instance if they are identified or reported by some user of your service or products.

Email authentication allows you to maintain you through SPF, DKIM and DMARC framework in order to help you build that authentication in the minds of the recipient.

Personal Authentication Certificate

Personal authentication certificate allows the users in a two factor authentication by signing and authenticating the documents and emails.

Personal authentication certificate allows:

  • Validation
  • Email encryption
  • Email signing
  • Document signing
  • Client authentication
  • Build trust.

Write to us at support@itengineers.co.in to know more about S/ MIME, Email and personal authentication certificate.

Code Signing Certificate

Code signing certificates are used to sign and protect codes, scripts and executable (exe) files. These certificates are used for protecting codes, Softwares and applications from unauthorized access or distribution as the codes once protected may not function on such events.

These certificates are a must for developers and software providers and application development organizations and helps in preventing them to get downloaded through a compromised link or source.

Code signing allows bringing in the confidence and peace of mind to the customers with the fact that they are using authorized and genuine version of the software provided, not the one which has been floated by the hackers or people with intent to steal your data and other credentials.

Benefits of code signing certificate

  • Build reputation of the brand by offering authorized and standard versions of your application
  • Helps you in authentication of the source which you wish the users to use
  • Better market
  • Build authenticity of the brand by installing code certificate
  • Maximise customer outreach
  • Build authenticity for your application

Key features of code signing certificates

  • Protect customers from hackers, malicious attempts in redistributing the infected version
  • Supports 32 or 64 bit kernel signing methods
  • Low maintenance through free timestamps
  • Supports cloud and mobile applications
  • Reduced installation errors and threats
  • Ensure integrity of the application you wish to distribute to your potential users

We represent Sectigo (Previously known as Comodo), Globalsign, Trustify.

Write to us at support@itengineers.co.in to know more on our code signing offering.

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