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We represent and have partnered with Comodo, GlobalSign, Trustify for security products and solutions for enterprise applications, websites are are re-selling various products, security solutions in order to protect the users and IT infrastructures from possible hacks & data thefts.

Enterprise SSL

SSL or security socket layers are security layers for websites and applications. SSL layers secure them through strong encryption and prevents from possible hacking attempts and thefts. These solutions checks websites and applications from malware, possible vulnerabilities, virus attacks, scripts and injections driven on application database and protects by identifying, alerting, removing such attempts and cyber threats and thus by protecting the websites and online applications.

SSL certificate converts the websites from HTTP to HTTPS and thus helps gaining the trust of the user. All the encrypted data gets decrypted through keys and data can be only accessed once decrypted with the right key.

Why to use SSL on website or online application like e-commerce, mobile application

  • To secure your single website / or multiple websites or domains
  • Bring trust factor for the customers who wish to use the platform or website and make further transaction by protecting their privacy.
  • Alerting and blocking on possible hacking attempts
  • Secure financial transactions and databases from manipulation by attacker
  • Boost online reputation
  • Build ranking, financial detail custody safety of users financial detail
  • Helps in building reputation and further reviews

We represent Comodo, GlobalSign, Trustify in India as a preferred re-seller.

Private PKI / CA

Private PKI or public key infrastructure, is also known as internal CA- allows organizations to issue their own private SSL certificates to meet internal or customized SSL requirements.

Through a PKI businesses can customize tailor certificates around specific needs and protects sensitive data through in-house PKI. Why should you choose private PKI

  • Full control on tailoring customization and usage as per in-house requirement.
  • No external dependency
  • Configuration/ development changes are done as per your schedule
  • Secure your sensitive assets
  • Simplified certificate management
  • Immediate issuance
  • Custom certificate profiles

We represent Comodo, Trustify in India as a re-selling partner.

Enterprise Code Signing

Code signing is a process that protects enterprises by ensuring & securing codes with enterprise scale certificate lifecycle management. Code signing offers greater cryptographic flexibility with improved time to go to market launch.

Code signing is an ideal solution for

  • Application development: Digitally sign software to protect end users from downloading and installing compromised software.
  • Dev-ops: Ensures the containers and code developed within them is the code you intend it to be.
  • Embedded devices: Enable secure boot and verify the microkernel, OS and applications on each connected device reducing the risk that malicious actor can compromise them.
  • Mobile devices: Improve security and trust associated with mobile applications and the devices they run on.

We represent Comodo in India as a re-selling partner.

IoT Platform Certification:

IoT is the most desired skill of 21st century. IT Engineers provides and facilitate certification for IoT professional. This program enables professionals to know standard procedures and knowledge on IoT systems from sensors to SoC board integration, BI, development and get certified upon completion.

We represent Comodo as a re-selling partner.

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